About Us

Meg Shopping Online page, which is a subsidiary of MEG Medical Equipment GMBH in Germany and registered in Hamburg. Nowadays, with the outbreak of COVID 19 in different countries, the access of people around the world to their families, relatives and acquaintances is severely limited in terms of travel restrictions, even with the global vaccination, these restrictions have a great impact on people’s visits. And the cost of travel and transfers has greatly increased. Therefore, Digital Marketing technologies are used as a basic solution in all countries to compensate for physical limitations, and today these e-marketing solutions are based not only on a choice but also an unavoidable necessity to reduce the cost of living and Speed and ease are considered in everyday tasks .It also reduces many of the limitations of this pervasive disease, giving global, regional, and even very limited urban businesses a booming momentum. The purpose of launching this website is to provide new e-marketing solutions in some areas of services and sales of goods that people can select their favorite order to supply their products after browsing this website, and to deliver to the address oftheir families , acquaintances and those who will receive these services and goods, order online in the other area or countries in the world .

The products that have been carefully selected and loaded on this website are intelligently referred to the selected services and goods department andwill be received and provided to their contacts by the transportation network from these service providers . The price of each order is paid directly by the customers to the account of Meg Shopping Online from a valid payment gateway such as Pay Pal or the bank account of MEG Medical Equipment Germany GmbH and the payment receipt and official invoice are issued by this company and presented to the customers Some of the services and goods displayed in this way to the recipients of the order are as follows:

1- Flower services, sweets and birthday gifts 2- Handicraft goods 3- Performing services for purchasing daily living goods from reputable stores in the destination country.4- Doing sales consultations for health and skin care products 5- Preparing food orders from famous restaurants in that country Direct order is accepted through Hallo Peik Instagram.


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