Payment and Refund Policy

Personal Training packages are payable at the registration date and it’s non-refundable.


Sessions Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a training session, please notify your Personal Trainer by phone and/or email at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session. You will be charged as absent for appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice. Failure to contact your personal trainer will also result in a session loss.


* If you have cancelled a session and provided 24hours notice the session must be rebooked before the end date of the monthly plan you have purchased. The cancelled session must sit outside your normal scheduled program.

* If you cancel more than 2 sessions in a month, those sessions will be charged and cannot be rescheduled.


Sessions Freezing Policy

* Your program may be frozen for a maximum of two weeks, provided you have given 24 hours notice of your request to freeze in writing.

* If you wish to freeze your sessions for more than 2 weeks the program will be cancelled and you will be charged for any sessions during that period. Any remaining sessions within the program may be rescheduled by the trainer based on availbility.


Agreement Cancellation Policy

* If the trainee wishes to cancel the agreement and is unable to continue (either before the program commences or during the program) payment will not be refunded.

If the trainee wishes to change the scheduled program days, the rescheduling will be done by the trainer based on availability. If the trainee does not accept the rescheduled dates then the trainee will be charged and the payment is non refundable.