Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin)

Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as HGH is a protein based peptide hormone of incredible anabolic properties and functions found in all human beings and essential for a host of functions within the human body. While HGH therapy has existed for many years safe and effective administration was not available until the mid-1980’s when synthetic versions first hit the shelf; prior to this period the only way one could obtain Human Growth Hormone for therapy was from direct extraction from the pituitary of cadavers; an often dangerous and unsanitary practice. However, by the late 1990’s and early 2000’s HGH in a biosynthetic form was now highly available and since that time it has been one of the most sought after hormones in both hormone replacement therapy and the world of performance enhancement. Commonly referred to as the fountain of youth hormone HGH has been shown to produce enumerable traits in preserving youth and vigor as well as muscular development and improved metabolic efficiency. Even as Human Growth Hormone remains one of the more expensive hormones to purchase, as its benefits are great and its safety record is nearly perfect it remains highly popular despite the price one may pay.

Human Growth Hormone :

Human Growth Hormone production is regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain by-which determines how much HGH will be produced in and by the pituitary gland. While the pituitary is responsible for production such cannot occur until the hypothalamus releases Human Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (HGHRH) and Somatostatin (SST) in-turn stimulating the pituitary to produce and release HGH. The amount produced and released will largely be determined by the amount of HGHRH and SST released, however, one’s own lifestyle regarding diet and exercise will play a large role in this end, largely by-which physical stimulation will result in a greater supply.

Once Human Growth Hormone is present it is largely responsible for cell production, as well as repair and regeneration, which can in-turn lead to growth and higher levels of efficiency within the cells of the body. By the presence of HGH cell-division is greatly increased, as well as the size and strength in structure of the existing cells. This simply means we now have a larger supply of cells that are structurally stronger with a greater level of efficiency to perform the various tasks they are responsible for.

Human Growth Hormone further plays a key role regarding amino acids and the conversion rate into protein within the cells. With greater efficiency in amino acid conversion coupled with structural increasing of the cells with enhanced cell division the body aptly increases its performance in a more efficient manner. HGH is also a key factor in-terms of metabolic efficiency by-which it promotes the advent of burning stored body-fat so that it may be used for energy within the body; the greater the HGH supply the greater fat-burning will be; couple this with its highly anabolic nature obtained by its very mode of action and you have one amazing hormone.

HGH is further a key factor in the healing process and this is largely important to the performance enhancer as tissue repair is where progress occurs. Due to its structural enhancing and production revolving around division not only can recovery from strenuous activity be improved but so can the healing of injuries; the more Human Growth Hormone present in the body the greater and faster the healing process will take place.

The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone:

To understand the benefits of Human Growth Hormone we can largely see them by simply understanding its basic function(s) as discussed above; however, unfortunately as we age such benefits began to fall short as natural HGH production declines as we age and often at a rapid rate. For this reason more and more people the world over, both men and women have begun supplementing with biosynthetic Human Growth Hormone in an effort to avoid such a crash, as well as many athletes from baseball to football, track & field to bodybuilders and power lifters, gym rats and everything in-between. While therapeutic doses aimed at slowing down the signs of aging are common, as it pertains to the athletic world and performance enhancing doses are commonly much higher as the idea here is not to simply provide adequate levels but to surpass them so that the benefits can become further enhanced.

Through the use of supplemental Human Growth Hormone the individual can expect to reap the rewards of several beneficial applications and they apply universally to all who use it regardless of purpose; however, the rate of acceleration and the total end will largely vary from one to the next based on dosing and the coupling of anabolic androgenic steroids. Anabolic steroid use is very common with HGH use in the athletic world as both act in a means to work together enhancing the effects of each.

Those who administer biosynthetic HGH can largely expect a host of beneficial attributes such as muscle tissue growth, higher metabolic rates, a leaner and tighter physique, increased recovery within the body, increased bone, joint and tendon strength, healthier looking skin, as well as increased energy. While these are largely the physical attributes in their general sense, Human Growth Hormone goes far beyond the direct physical and holds other very important traits as well. Those who supplement with Human Growth Hormone will find they possess a greater clarity of thought and focus as well as enhanced moods overall as HGH can largely stave off such problems as depression. If levels of HGH in the body fall below optimal range each one of the positive benefits just discussed begins to decline as well; this is why as you can see proper levels are very important. In that same light, as levels increase beyond natural production each and every beneficial attribute is enhanced to degrees previously deemed unimaginable.

The Side-Effects of Human Growth Hormone:

Human Growth Hormone is without question among the safest hormones we can use in supplemental form and is largely more than well-tolerated by both men and women, even in large doses beyond simple therapeutic levels. However, as is with all hormone supplementation, all medications of all forms negative and adverse side-effects do exist but in responsible users they are not only avoidable but largely non-existent. Those who are obtaining therapeutic level doses will find side-effects rarely occur but such side-effects as bone growth in the hands, feet and jaw, carpal tunnel and slight water retention or bloat can occur in some. Most who use HGH for performance purposes, as the dose will be higher than therapeutic form many will notice a tingling feeling in the hands in feet, especially when use first begins and the body adapts. Beyond these possible but rare effects, when used responsibly, as you can see this is by far the safest hormone of all hormones in-which we can supplement with.

Real Human Growth Hormone:

As is common in the world of anabolic steroids, as HGH is not an anabolic steroid in any shape or form, like many steroids it is often counterfeited, so much so it is without question the most commonly counterfeited hormone in the performance enhancing world when purchased on the black market. Moreover, in recent years due to HGH popularity increasing many legal peptide fragments have hit the shelves; these fragments are often a partial Human Growth Hormone medication but this is like buying half a sandwich and one that won’t digest properly. While these fragment peptides are generally safe they are also generally worthless. When you are looking to obtain true blue Human Growth Hormone stay away from the generic black market brands and stick with true manufactures of the hormone such as Humatrope, Saizen, Serostim and Nutropin to name a few.

Human Growth Hormone Cycles and Doses:

Because it possesses such a high safety rating Human Growth Hormone can be used indefinitely; there is no max time frame in-which we must hold to. However, as beneficial as the hormone is it will take a long time to see such benefits; a few weeks of HGH therapy is a waste of money and a complete waste of good HGH. To reap a true benefit 16 weeks is generally the minimal amount of time you’ll want to supplement with HGH with 6 months being far more optimal. While this can be expensive consider this; the effects of Human Growth Hormone are largely permanent and that is worth noting.

Depending on your purpose the dose may vary from person to person. Human Growth Hormone is normally dosed in International Units or IU and as such, in therapeutic cases 1iu per day is very common place among both men and women with it occasionally going up to 2iu per day. However, for the performance enhancer, as it pertains to women 2iu per day will often prove to be perfect; while 2iu per day will provide many beneficial effects for men, notably fat-loss, to receive a full anabolic effect 4iu will prove to necessarily be optimal. While 4iu is highly beneficial and generally safe, the individual will not notice much difference in doses that are in the 5-6iu range; it is not until we get into the double digit doses that effects are greatly enhanced beyond the 4iu mark. However, although the side-effects of HGH are rare, when we delve into these very high doses they are almost guaranteed.

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