Testosterone Propionate


Testosterone-Propionate was one of the first anabolic androgenic steroids ever synthesized and made ready for human use in mass production and as such is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. While there are hundreds of anabolic steroids and forms within each, Testosterone-Propionate is largely one of the easiest to understand as it is very basic in composition and simply a pure testosterone. However, as simple as it is it further remains very powerful and highly effective yet many understand Testosterone-Propionateas well as they understand the most basic algorithms used in space exploration.

While a very simple hormone to understand the facts remain tarnished as most garner their information from internet wonder boys who are masters of the Bro-Tastic lifestyle. Nevertheless the truth is out there; understanding is attainable and we’ve provided you with a good place to start. We have taken some of the most common misconceptions off of some of the most popular message boards that deal in the discussion of anabolic steroids and Testosterone-Propionate and left you with the truth.

Testosterone-Propionate is one of the more popular testosterone forms used the world over and one of the more popular anabolic androgenic steroids of all time. As testosterone was the first anabolic steroid every synthesized Testosterone Propionate was the first form to hit the shelves in mass quantities made ready for human use. Like the popular oral steroid Dianabol, Testosterone-Propionate has been available for a very long time and like

Dianabol it is just as popular today as its ever been. One of the reasons Testosterone-Propionate holds such high popularity is simply because it is pure testosterone, a very versatile anabolic hormone; further, most who use it find it very easy to control; while all testosterone forms are comprised of the same identical active hormone because the Propionate version is so fast acting and short lived due to its very nature it is perhaps the most controllable testosterone available with stability and peak levels being very easy to maximize and held in an efficient manner. Moreover, as almost every pharmaceutical company that manufactures anabolic steroids manufactures Testosterone Propionate, as well as every last underground lab and since black market sales are the largest corner of the steroid market it’s easy to understand how and why so much Testosterone-Propionate finds its way into the hands of many every year.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone-Propionate like all forms of testosterone is highly anabolic and androgenic; equal in both rights. As by its nature it is simply a synthetic version of the testosterone hormone naturally produced in the human body by both men and women and essential to a properly functioning endocrine system. While inadequate levels, particularly low levels are generally not life threatening they can be quite bothersome and can lead to more serious problems when not dealt with appropriately. To give you an idea of the importance of the hormone we only need look at the effects of low levels; those who suffer from low testosterone find a body transformation in the opposite desired direction to be very common place; increased body-fat, decreased muscle tissue and strength can all occur and be very difficult to deal with and in many cases impossible when levels are too low. Further, because testosterone is responsible in part for sexual function many men find they experience a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction when levels are too low, as well as lack of mental focus, energy and even the onset of depression. While these are not life threatening conditions on their own, as you can easily see some of them are pretty serious and there isn’t one any man would wish to have bestowed on him. Conversely, when we look at the effects of low testosterone we can easily see how increased levels would have the opposite effect; take each condition previously listed and take it in the opposite direction towards improvement, which is exactly why testosterone is known as a performance enhancer.

By its very nature Testosterone Propionate dramatically increases nitrogen retention in the muscle allowing protein to be stored in the muscle to a larger degree; as protein is the building block of muscle and increased lean tissue improves our metabolic rate, on this basis alone we have a highly desirable hormone; however, the good news does not end there. As by its mode of action testosterone has the ability to block and reduce muscle wasting hormones known as glucocortico steroid, most commonly cortisol. While testosterone truly has seemingly limitless properties, as it pertains to performance, of particular interest is its ability to greatly increase IGF 1 production in the body; as you understand IGF 1 is a very powerful peptide hormone of a highly anabolic nature and plays a key role alongside human growth hormone, another potent peptide based hormone.

A testosterone hormone with the Propionate ester attached, Testosterone-Propionate carries with it a half-life of approximately 4 days. While this is not the shortest possible half-life of an ester based steroid it is definitely on the short end and is generally the shortest ester attached to any testosterone hormone. While esters such as Acetate and Formate are shorter Propionate will be the shortest of testosterone with the only faster acting testosterone being that of ester free forms, i.e. Testosterone Suspension.

The Benefits of Testosterone Propionate

The benefits of Testosterone-Propionate are truly great and in short the benefits most anyone would desire to hold if anabolic steroids were being used. Through the use of Testosterone-Propionate we aptly create a playing field perfect for almost any situation be it bulking, cutting or simply trying to provide an added athletic edge. Through its use the individual can expect to see increases in lean tissue and strength, decreased body fat due to improved metabolic function as well as a greater ability for healing and recovery.

A common misconception is that Testosterone Propionate is only well-suited during a cutting cycle and while it is definitely perfect for a cutting cycle it is perfect because it is testosterone, not because it has the Propionate ester attached. The truth is simple, any testosterone form can be used in a cutting cycle or bulking cycle with equal effectiveness, however, there are variances to consider. As a short ester steroid Testosterone Propionate must be necessarily administered at a minimum of every three days with every other day being far more optimal; because many will be using other short ester steroids during a cutting cycle often it makes sense to use Testosterone-Propionate during this time and simply administer them all at once. However, because peak levels are so easy to control with the use of Testosterone-Propionate due to the short ester being attached many, especially in the competitive bodybuilding world use Testosterone-Propionate in their off-season as well.

The Side-Effects of Testosterone Propionate

The truth is simple, anabolic androgenic steroids do carry with them possible negative side effects, this is a given but they do so no more than any medication; in-fact, many over the counter medications of a non-steroidal nature carry with them far worse possible side-effects than anabolic steroids. As it pertains to Testosterone-Propionate, testosterone itself is generally very well-tolerated by most who supplement with an exogenous form but there are side-effects that can occur; however, with proper and responsible use, in most cases the possible side-effects will prove to be irrelevant.

The most common side effects brought on by Testosterone-Propionate are of an aromatase effect. Testosterone will convert to estrogen through the aromatase process and can bring about such negative effects such as Gynecomastia, water retention, blood pressure and cholesterol issues to name a few. While these side-effects can be problematic they are not without solution; however, the side-effect of testicular atrophy is assured in all but in most cases inconsequential. Through the use of Testosterone-Propionate or any testosterone form, when exogenous testosterone is present natural production is no longer necessary and it will come to a halt. As testosterone is produced in the testicles in men, once productions ceases to exist the testicles shrink; however, once exogenous use is discontinued and natural production begins again the testicles return to their normal size.

As estrogenic side-effects such as the ones mentioned above can be very problematic all hope is not loss; far from it. As these effects are caused by the advent of estrogen, by supplementing with an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letrozole we can greatly reduce such affects and many times completely eliminate them. Just as important, as it pertains to blood pressure, cholesterol and other similar actions, a healthy diet is imperative; diets that are sufficient in healthy Omega Fats as well as those who condition with regular cardiovascular training greatly reduce the chances of many negative effects commonly associated with many anabolic steroids.

Testosterone Propionate Potency

All testosterone forms are the same in-terms of the active hormone; Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate or any other form you can think of are all comprised of the same identical testosterone hormone. However, per milligram Testosterone-Propionate will prove to be more potent as more of it is actual testosterone. For example, a 100mg injection of Testosterone Cypionate will yield approximately 70mg of testosterone; the remainder of the total mass will be the ester. As for Propionate, as it is a short ester its total mass in a particular compound is less than a larger ester such as Cypionate or Enanthate; in the case of Testosterone-Propionate a 100mg injection will yield approximately 80mg of testosterone. While this is an interesting fact, in the grand scheme of things it’s really not that important as when we consider multiple injections over the course of many weeks this makes the difference of an inconsequential nature.

Testosterone Propionate Cycles & Doses

Bulking, cutting, HRT or any other reason you can think of, Testosterone-Propionate is a perfect choice to meet all your testosterone needs. Regardless of your purpose, because the half-life is so short necessarily you will need to inject this steroid every other day if it is going to be used in the most effective and efficient means possible; maintaining stable blood test levels is important and every other day administration is the only way this will be achieved with Testosterone Propionate.

While there is no set maximum dose, 500mg per week up to 1,000mg per week is the standard dosing for most performance enhancers. 500mg per weeks is often considered the gold standard for most beginners and is perhaps the most common dose among all steroid users. 500mg per week will provide a bump beyond what most would ever expect and is often all they’ll ever need. However, some will inevitably want more, especially when we creep into both competitive bodybuilding and the hardcore gym and training world in general. In these cases 1,000mg per week is somewhat common place and can be used successfully and safely; further, while 1,000mg is common, 1,500mg and beyond is by no means rare.

Always understand the truth, testosterone carries with it a risk to reward ratio that is very real. The more Testosterone-Propionate you use the greater your reward will be. However, the more Testosterone-Propionate you use the greater your risk will be as well; in the end the risk you decide to take is on you and you alone.

As for your Testosterone-Propionate cycle, most will find 8 weeks of use to be the bear minimum with 16 weeks being far more efficient. Regardless of your duration of use a solid post cycle therapy (PCT) plan must be in place. Because Testosterone-Propionate is a short ester based testosterone you will necessarily begin PCT very quickly. If your cycle ends with Prop, as it is commonly known, assuming your cycle ends with all short ester steroids you will want to start your PCT approximately 3 days after your last injection. A good PCT will include hCG in ten day equal dosing’s followed by 3-4 weeks of Nolva and/or Clomid therapy.

Testosterone-Propionate True and Myth

Myth: Testosterone-Propionate is a cutting steroid.
Truth: Testosterone-Propionate is a testosterone, the same as Testosterone-Enanthate, Testosterone-Cypionate or any other form you can find it is made up of pure testosterone; in that there is no difference. Testosterone-Propionate will not “cut you up” any more than any other form of testosterone; it does not possess fat burning abilities absent other forms. It is true, when Testosterone-Propionate is used water retention will be of a slightly less concern but in the overall scheme this effect in-terms of the difference between another form is negligible and will be discussed more thoroughly in a myth to come. Even so, actual leanness and water retention are two very different things and are often coupled together inappropriately.

Myth: You won’t bloat with Testosterone-Propionate use.
Truth: When you administer testosterone of any form it converts to estrogen via the aromatase process and this can lead to excess water retention; it does not matter which form you use, the process is inevitable regardless. However, Testosterone-Propionate has been shown to aromatize to a slightly lesser degree than other forms but only slightly and in the end the difference cannot be seen unless you are already extremely lean. Many people fail to recognize two important factors; with the use of a quality aromatase inhibitor excess bloating can largely be controlled, however, there is another very important factor to consider and it is the most important of all.

If you are supplementing with Testosterone-Propionate and taking in excess carbohydrates you will bloat just the same as if you were using Testosterone-Cypionate or any other form. Granted, each and every person will vary in-terms of sensitivity but the truth remains the same. Many competitive bodybuilders, the epitome of lean and water free use all types of testosterone when dieting or bulking be it Testosterone-Propionate or long ester based testosterones such as Enanthate.

Myth: Testosterone-Propionate will not suppress natural testosterone production to the same degree as many other forms.
Truth: This is perhaps the most ridiculous assumption and one of the most ridiculous myths regarding anabolic steroids period. The truth, anabolic steroid use will suppress natural testosterone production; granted, some steroids do so more than others. For example, Anavar will not suppress natural testosterone production to the same degree as Deca-Durabolin but some suppression will still occur. As it pertains to testosterone, be it a short ester based or long ester based the end result of suppression is the same. Testosterone-Propionatelike Enanthate and Cypionate forms or testosterone mixtures such as Sustanon-250 will dramatically suppress natural testosterone production while being used.

Myth: Testosterone-Propionate is not as powerful for bulking as long ester base forms.
Truth: The active hormone testosterone is the same in all forms and the mode of action and its very nature is no different inTestosterone-Propionate than it is in Testosterone-Cypionate or any other form. However, this myth gets more ridiculous as on a milligram for milligram basis Testosterone-Propionate is stronger than other commonly used ester based testosterones. For example, 100mg of Testosterone-Propionate will yield approximately 83mg of testosterone, the rest of the total mass being comprised of the Propionate ester. Conversely, 100mg of Testosterone-Cypionate, because the Cypionate ester takes up more mass in the total compound will yield approximately 70mg of active testosterone per 100mg. Granted, you can receive the same dose of active testosterone by simply adjusting where needed but in the end the benefits and results will be the same with Testosterone-Propionate or any form assuming all things remain constant, i.e. dosing, duration of use, diet and training.

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