Important Tips for Having a Unique Body That Everyone Must Follow

Important tips for having a unique body that everyone must follow

1. Start eating immediately after awakening up to boost your metabolism by first minutes of the day.

2. Take minimum 5 meals daily in your diet plan excluding the supplements.

3. use dietary fiber in your meal such as Salad, Vegetables, etc due to fat lipid efficiency.

4. Drink enough water several times daily to Hydrating the muscles, removal of toxins, weight gain (70% of the body weight is contains water)

5. Skip your diet one day a week Due to the readiness to continue the diet and shock the body.

6. Watch before and after exercise meals. Because of insulin secretion and body uptake at those times.

7. Use complex carbohydrates at first meals in the morning.

8. Eat much protein during the day.

9. eat pure protein plus fiber at your last meal, For example: fish + lettuce or broccoli.

10. Do not eat unhealthy food even once such as Mayonnaise, Chips, Soft Drinks, Sweets, etc

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