5 reasons NOT mix steroids and alcohol

One of the toughest things about running a cycle is the dedication it takes to complete the cycle with no hiccups.

Often times, you will find yourself in a situation where you really just want to have a couple drinks mid cycle, but you don’t think you should; and you’re absolutely right you shouldn’t!

#1 Liver Toxicity – of the most important aspects of the topic is whether you’re taking oral steroids, or injecting.When you take oral steroids, they are almost always hard on your liver. Since steroids are hepatoxic, they make your liver do work, which can be very bad since as you probably know so does alcohol.

Though there is no actual proof, the general rule of thumb is that a very small dosage such as 25-30mgs of an oral compound is the equivilant of 3-4 beers per day.Lets say you drink on average 2-3 beers per day, and then run a cycle where you’re digesting 50mgs per day of winstrol. You’d be doing the damage of roughly 10 beers per day, which is definitely not a scenario you want to put yourself in.

#2 Dehydration – One of the last things that you want to do to yourself during a cycle is get dehydrated, even to a very small extent. What does alcohol do to you? Exactly that.

#3 Diet – Alcohol always has a negative effect on your diet. During a cycle is the most important time to have everything planned including training & diet. When you drink alcohol you a) cannot burn fat while you are metabolizing the alcohol and b) are gaining fat because of the calories in alcohol

#4 Dedication – it is simply a matter of priority; We go to great lengths to plan our cycles often months in advance, work out like dogs, and make every effort to eat huge AND clean, why ruin it with the use of alcohol?

#5 Alergic reaction – There have been several cases where, the use of steroids in combination with alcohol have caused a severe allergic reaction. Though you may not have an allergy to one or the other it is entirely possible to have a severe allergic reaction to them when combined.

Conclusion: For these five reasons I would definitely not recommend mixing steroids and alcohol. It is a poor choice on multiple levels. Choose one or the other. If you don’t have the responsibility to not drink alcohol for a few short weeks while on cycle, then you don’t belong near steroids to begin with.

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