What is Your Body Shape

Exercises that bring out the best in your body shape

Follow these exercise plans to bring out the best in your body shape:

1. The pear

You carry your weight on the hips, thighs and behind. You have a defined waist with narrower shoulders than hips.

Exercises for the Pear Shape:
– Rows and reverse flies back exercises.
– Deadlifts.
– Static lunges.

2. The Apple

You carry fat and weight around the middle and your lower body is generally slimmer with good shaped legs. You’re prone to having a rounded shoulder line and a flattish derriere.

Exercises for the Apple Shape exercises:
– High intensity cardiovascular interval training.
– The biggest muscles.
– The plank and pilates.

3. The Inverted Triangle

Your hips are narrower than your shoulders and the shoulder line is fairly straight and squared and your waist may curve in slightly. Often this body type is referred to as “the swimmer’s body.”
Exercises for the Inverted Triangle shape:
– Squatting, lunging and deadlifts.
– Twisting type exercises.
– Low weights and high repetition.

4. The Hourglass

This shape is a combination between an inverted triangle and triangle. Your hips and shoulders are more or less the same width and in proportion with a defined waist. You might also have a big bust.

Exercises for the Hourglass shape:
– Double arm rows, bent over rows and reverse flies.
– Plank.
– Side plank and rotational exercises.
– Combination exercises like glutes bridging with triceps extension. Step ups with bicep curls is another great combination routine.

5. The Ruler

Your shoulders, waist and hips are more or less the same width and you have no obvious curves.

Exercises for the Ruler shape:
– Core work and Pilates.
– Glutes exercise.
– deadlifts, step ups and squats.
– Chest press, back rows and shoulder work.
– frontal and lateral raises.

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