Safe Steroids

“Safe Steroids” do they really exist; do the words “Safe Steroids” make sense, can we even put the two words together? You’ve seen the reports on the news and if it’s on the news it must be true; right? You’ve heard reports and listened to testimony by such experts as Dr. Gary Wadler as he reports his own understanding before congress; by the issue of statements by those such as Dr. Wadler we can only be left with one conclusion; safe steroids means no steroids at all. Is it really this simple; is it really this cut and dry? If there are no safe steroids there should be a mountain of proof to lend to this conclusion. If the use of anabolic steroids will kill you there should after a century of use be a pile of bodies that stretches from here to kingdom come and there should be a wild pack of dogs roaming the earth known as former human beings if anabolic steroids truly had the effects they are purported to possess. The sad truth is none of these things exist; in-fact to find one body you’d be hard pressed and that wild pack of dogs, this only exist in the incessant media hype.

The Experts of the Field:

You’ve seen them on every news magazine show; so-called anabolic steroid experts and those such as Wadler are leaders of the pack. While they are commonly referred to as “experts” normally because they are doctors you’ll notice one very common theme; none of these “experts” have any experience in anabolic steroid research or study beyond what they’ve formulated in their own heads due to misinformation formulated by their predecessors. For these men, safe steroids is akin to saying a safe nuclear bomb but where’s the proof, where’s the data? Saying this or that will kill you, saying this or that will turn you into a raging monster without factual data to support it is not only irresponsible but an outright lie.

The True Experts:

While the men who fall in the category listed above are the most commonly called upon for testimony, in most cases they are only called due to possessing a common thought shared by those who call them; they are called because those who call know they’ll agree. However, there are true experts, men who have researched; men who have not only researched but in many cases lived through it and who can attest with data, with hard evidence that safe steroids do in-fact exist. Ask yourself this question; if you break your leg in four places, the bone is sticking out of the skin are you going to seek the help and advice of a gynecologist? No, why not, a gynecologist is a doctor? Of course you’re not going to go see the gyno doc, you’re going to go to someone who is experienced in the field; you’re going to seek out an orthopedist. However, if the orthopedist only deals with the upper body (we’re simply creating an example) you’re not going to choose him to fix your leg; you’re going to seek out an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the area in-which you need treatment.

The same can be said of anabolic steroids. To find true accurate information the people we need to listen to are the true experts, those who have experience and those who can shed unbiased knowledge. What may surprise you is these true experts can often attest, safe steroids, you bet, they absolutely exist. Make no mistake, even the true expert will explain, these are powerful hormones, very powerful and the possibility of negative side-effects can present themselves but as with all medication, steroidal and non-steroidal alike these side-effects are largely individualistic and safe steroids can be found and used.

The Ignored Evidence:

While anabolic steroid research is limited in the medical field due to its taboo nature there is pure and true data that exist. Further, there is real life experience we can call upon by many that prove without a doubt that safe steroids exist. As it pertains to true medical and scientific research, although somewhat limited it’s out there and one case in particular that is largely ignored.

In a controlled study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, a premier medical journal, a massive test/study was done on this very subject. Numerous men were given doses of anabolic steroids for an extended period of time; not just doses but relatively high doses, far beyond what is deemed for medical purposes. What happened; did this multitude of men all drop dead; did they display serious health related side-effects; did they all turn into raging monsters of pure hate and violence? You would think so, after all, that’s what you’ve been told would happen but unfortunately for you if you are of the anti-steroid camp something entirely different occurred. These men not only received the positive attributes associated with anabolic steroid use they further showed no ill-effects. No one died, no one showed symptoms of rage or violence, and no one had a heart attack. All that occurred was one simple thing; muscle tissue increased and body fat decreased; pretty horrible right? Of course not and this only further proves that safe steroids do in-fact exist.

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