lf your main target is to shed some body fat, nutrition will have to be your number 1 priority. Without the correct amount of calories, your body may not be losing any weight at all no matter how many hours you put in the gym. The better and more accurate your diet is, the more effectively you will lose weight.
Next, you want to make sure you take strength training just as serious as when you were bulking. The aim is to never get weaker. Obviously, when dieting you WILL get weaker, which is totally normal. The trick is, the longer you are able to stick to a certain weight before having to lower weight, the more muscle you will be able to retain.
Furthermore, H.I.I.T. is an excellent tool to assist your weight loss. It created the afterburn effect which means, losing more calories, hence creating a larger calorie deficit. If your goal is to build solid muscle mass and go on a bulk, strength training will have to be your main focus. You want to make sure you’re progressing every week, in either reps, sets or volume. This way, you know for sure whether or not you are making progress/gaining muscle.

Furthermore, nutrition also plays a vital role when it comes to building muscle. Only when being in a caloric surplus and consuming sufficient protein, you are then able to gain muscle. If your nutrition is lacking, you won’t be able to gain muscle, no matter how hard you work.

Finally, in order for your muscle to grow, you will need to focus on increasing your training volume! Which means lifting heavier weights or increasing your sets!
Oh and dont forget about SLEEP! the more sleep and rest you get, the better you recover, which then gives you more energy in the gym.

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