Zero Calorie foods that help you to lose weight

Zero-calorie foods
Burns more calories when you consume these foods, so you do not feel hungry. Here are 15 foods that we introduce zero calories in your diet:
100 grams of cucumbers are about 16 calories
100 grams of celery only about 16 calories
100 g apples 52 calories
100 g asparagus contains 20 calories
100 g apricot contains 48 calories
100 grams of tomato contains 18 calories
100 grams 34 calories
100 grams of potato contains 77 calories
There are only 38 calories in 100 grams of mushrooms
100 g only 43 calories
A cup of coffee without milk or without any additives contains 2 calories
100 g turnips contains 28 calories
✔Green Tea
A cup of green tea contains 2 calories
100 g only 41 calories.

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