Why Is Sugar Bad For Us?

Refined sugar is bad. It’s bad for your mind , bad for your weight, bad for your teeth, bad for your overall health – just BAD. But this simple fact presents a complex problem. Refined sugar is in so much of what we eat on a daily basis. It has infiltrated our whole wheat bread, for goodness sake!! Here is the good news… you ca easily swap in healthier sugar alternatives. The next time. A receipt calls for sugar, feel free to try one of these sugar substitutions instead.

Replacing Sugar with Honey

1 Cup of Sugar = ¾ cup of honey

1 Tbsp. Of sugar = ¾ Tbsp. Of honey

1 tsp. Of sugar = ¾ tsp. Of honey —————– Replacing sugar with Stevia

1 Cup of Sugar = 1 tsp. Of stevia

1 Tbsp. Of sugar = 1/8 tsp. Of stevia

1 tsp. Of sugar = a pinch of stevia —————– Replacing Sugar with Xylitol

1 Cup of Sugar = 3/8 cup of xylitol

1 Tbsp. Of sugar = 3/8 Tbsp. Of xylitol

1 tsp. Of sugar = 3/8 tsp. Of xylitol —————– Replacing Sugar with Maple Syrup

1 Cup of Sugar = ¾ cup of maple syrup

1 Tbsp. Of sugar = ¾ Tbsp. Of maple syrup

1 tsp. Of sugar = ¾ tsp. Of maple syrup


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