What Type of Butt Do You Have?

Discover your Butt Type and learn how to shape it!

We are all unique snowflakes, and so are our butts! Everyone has to work on something different to sculpt themselves into their ideal shape. Here are some key exercises for the four common booty types, and what your booty’s shape might suggest about how your body type best sheds fat.

SQUARE: You have a boxy butt that, if trained properly, can be big and perky! You should focus on the lower and outer portion of your butt by doing standing hip abduction and lunges. You’re probably a rectangle body type, so stay moderate with carbs and cardio.

ROUND: If you have a round butt, you are probably on the petite side and are a classic ectomorph, or thin column body type. You have the classic “bubble butt”. You should eat plenty of carbs, low fats, and hit some heavy squats 3 times a week. Focus on building the booty before you burn the last bit of fat.

PEAR: This butt has enough size, but could use a little lift. You have the most muscle and fat deposits on the lower portion of the glutes, and a nice waist. The best exercises for the tear-drop are glute kickbacks, lunges, and hip abduction. You more than likely have an hour-glass or triangle body type, and should try metabolic circuit training.

INVERTED: The inverted butt needs some over-all size and a little lift. It’s your best bet to work your way up to heavy squats with a wide stance, do lunges, and step-ups on a bench. Be careful not to go too heavy and get injured. Start light and keep progressing. You probably have an apple body type and should stay away from carbs, favoring healthy fats for your fuel source.

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