7 Weirdly Useful Ways to Use Banana Peels


Polishing shoes

This will surely surprise you. Using banana peels can be used to polish the shoes which help to give unique shine to your shoe. Banana’s are pull of potassium which are the main content in shoe polish which leads in giving shine over them. Rub the inside of the skin all over your shoes in a circular motion, just like when applying regular shoe polish. Take a soft cloth or shoe shine brush and buff your shoes until they look shiny and new.

Sparkling teeth So, are you a person tired of treating the yellow stains over teeth? The potassium in the banana can help to whiten the teeth naturally.

You can always use a banana peel of a ripe banana when the potassium level is at optimal. Rub the inside of the peel over teeth’s till the teeth’s are completely covered with the banana paste. After you are done with this, brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.

Silver jewelry mostly tends to turn blackish due to exposure of air, light and water to it.Rub the banana peel over the dull and tarnish silver jewelry and then brush it off with few drops of lemon. This will help to restore the shine over jewelry.

Helps to treat irritated skin Using banana peels over irritated skin is the best remedy ever considered. This is especially considered to treat mosquito bites over skin. However, there is no scientific logic to prove this significance of banana peel. Fair complexion Rubbing the entire face with banana peel can help to restore the glow on your face and also gives whitening affects. Rubbing banana peel continuously for a month can help you to get a fair complexion.

Heal bruises One of the simple remedy to heal bruises is to rub banana peel over them. If you are rubbing them, you can simple tape it overnight. You can even rub banana paste over bruises.

Excellent fertilizer Excellent trick to use banana peel is grinding them with fertilizer. All you can do is, let the banana dry for 2-3 days and then grind them into fine powder. You can add this powder to the mixture and mix with soil.

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