7 Common Body Shapes

Posture 1

The ideal, healthy posture, is one with a straight line through ears, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The body stands naturally straight, neither leaning forward or back.

Posture 2

This is an OK posture. Standing straight the abdomen protrudes slightly indicating possible expansion in the stomach or liver.

Posture 3

A forward leaning posture with a slightly protruding abdomen  and shoulders pulled in indicates a weakening of the digestive system.

Posture 4

The posture of the upper body is ok but the hips protrude too much indicating possible problems with the reproductive / sex organs.

Posture 5

A tired, listless posture with a protruding chin, retracted shoulders and extended lower abdomen. Difficulty holding the neck straight. Reminiscent of elderly frailty and general fatigue.

Posture 6

A rounded back with abdomen thrust forward and leaning indicating stomach and kidney problems.

Posture 7

This overweight posture suggests constipation, bloating and flatulence with likely lower back pain problems.

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